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A one pot dish of lamb and onion layered with mixed vegetables.
Php564.48  w/ Tax
Dish of boiled tendon and tripe with garlic, lemon and flatbread.
Php564.48  w/ Tax
Cooked with tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, coconut cream, za'atar and cumin.
Php403.20  w/ Tax
Beef koftas, fried potatoes, tomatoes, cilantro, cinnamon and allspice.
Php564.48  w/ Tax

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Chicken chunks in special marinade.
Php290.30  w/ Tax
Pakistani Roti favorite round unleavened flat bread.
Php40.32  w/ Tax
Ethiopian Injera spongy sourdough like flat bread.
Php56.45  w/ Tax
Arabian Khobiz the basic flat bread of the Middle East.
Php24.19  w/ Tax